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 +======President Stone======
 +**President Stone** is the main antagonist of the 2009 film. He has an obsession with being re-elected, and he believes that war is the only way to make that possible. Because of this, President Stone has called for the creation of the [[characters:​Peacekeeper]],​ a powerful robot built for combat. President Stone used the Head of the Ministry of Science, [[characters:​Dr Tenma|Dr. Tenma]], in order to build it and to help him obtain the blue core from [[characters:​Dr Elefun|Dr. Elefun]]. President Stone, feeling that the blue core was too positive, decided to power the Peacekeeper with the red core  instead. This led to [[characters:​Toby]] being vaporized. ​
 +When President Stone learned about [[characters:​Astro]],​ he was enraged and threatened to arrest Dr. Elefun for lying that the blue core was destroyed. Upon Dr. Tenma'​s agreement to deactivate Astro after President Stone found him, he released Dr. Elefun and set out in order to capture our robotic hero.